The Plus Program

As a valued Southern Cross Care employee, you play a role in delivering exceptional care services to ageing West Australians, each and every day.


We are pleased to introduce ‘The Plus Program’, an incentivised staff referral system which rewards you for spreading the word about our excellent care services, to the people you know and love.


When it comes to accessing aged care services, we know that most decisions are made in close consideration with trusted friends, family members and health professionals. We also know the power that word of mouth holds in helping seniors to feel confident in trusting aged care providers to make a difference in their lives.


The Plus Program monetarily rewards you based on the service that the referred client uptakes, spanning from home care packages to residential care placements.


To be eligible

To be eligible for the program, you will need to meet the Plus Program eligibility criteria:


  • You must still be working with Southern Cross Care or Southern Plus at the time of payment
  • All referrals must be sent through the approved channels
  • All referrals must be for one of the following services – Home Care, ILU, Community Housing, Respite or Residential Care
  • The referral is not an existing client or prospect client already in the sales database
  • The referral client is reachable via phone or email

Staff who have a KPI based around referrals are not eligible to be paid this incentive.

Reward for Referrals

Below are the $ amount rewards for each referral:


  • Home care package level 2 – $100
  • Home care package level 3 – $150
  • Home care package level 4 – $200
  • Residential placement – $200
  • An additional $500 will be rewarded to the employee who has made the most referrals every quarter.

How to apply

  • Lodge a referral using the ‘Apply Now’ button below
  • Only referrals sent using this form will be recorded for the incentives
  • Payments will be reconciled at the end of each calendar month with payment being made in the following months’ pay run


The Plus Program Terms and Conditions include:


  • The program is based on Southern Plus accepting new home care package clients, the referral is the first step but does not guarantee a payment
  • Referral must be converted to an active Southern Plus client for an incentive to be paid
  • Employee should be eligible
  • Client connect team are not eligible for incentive in relation to this program
  • Positions that have a KPI relating to referrals and client acquisition will not be eligible for the incentive
  • Referrals should be communicated by approved channels and processes
  • Referrals will be revised monthly and results will be communicated through intranet (SCC and SP connect)
  • There is no maximum number for referrals
  • A referred client is one unique referral. Thus, no matter how many services signed by the same client it will be counted as one referral
  • If a referral client was sent by more than one employee, it will be only counted for the first sender
  • Incentives/prizes are paid on monthly basis
  • Quarterly top referrer prize will only be in place if the person has referred at least three clients that have progressed to signed agreements
  • The quarterly prize will be rewarded at the end of the financial quarters, that is Jul- Sept, Oct–Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-June
  • Payments will be made as part of your normal pay packet and will are listed as a gross amount, incentives will be taxed as normal.
  • In the event that a dispute arises relating to payment the Head of Sales will have the final decision