Next-generation in-home services

We are committed to supporting our clients to stay in their homes and remain independent for as long as possible, by providing innovative support services and care that is responsive to their needs.


Our clients can choose from a broad range of health and wellness services to build a health and lifestyle plan that is tailored to best suit their particular health conditions and circumstances.


Here’s a detailed outline of the in-home health and wellness services we provide. Choosing as few or as many as you like means you can build the health and wellness solution that’s perfectly tailored to your individual goals. And should those needs ever change, so can the choices you make.

Your health

Physiotherapy and Podiatry: Our allied health specialists will help you to manage and improve functional mobility and promote your personal health with scheduled in-home visits. Prepare to get active!

Monitoring your health: The use of technology such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitors will help you to self-manage chronic conditions, and link the information to our health management system ‘cdmNet’.

Medication management: Incorrect medication is a major reason for hospital admissions. If you need a little help managing your medication but do not require a doctor or nurse, we can support you in the privacy of your own home.

Nursing: Our nursing staff can provide clinical care and wound care including your dressings as well as support rehabilitation and developing nutrition plans to keep you happy and healthy.

Dementia care: Specialist dementia consultants can provide you and your family with practical tools, advice and emotional support. Your dementia support plan will also be built to benefit you, your family and your carer with balance and support.

Concierge service: Our team can help you navigate My Aged Care and access a Government funded home care package and will help get your services started quickly.

Your wellness

 Community connections: We’re here to support and develop your social connections and keep you actively involved in your community. And if  you want some company at an event, we’ll be there too.

Shopping: Staying on top of your weekly shop is really important. We’ll help you select, receive and unpack your groceries, either ordered online or by visiting your local shopping centre with you.

Transport to appointments: Our fully insured, air-conditioned vehicles come with licensed and friendly drivers to get you to and from your location on time and in comfort. They can also help you enter and exit the vehicle, and stay with you all the way to your appointment.

Specialised equipment: We can provide equipment to empower you to stay mobile and independent at home and when you are out and about, with items such as wheelchairs, walking frames and bed hoists – whatever your specific need, we’ll make it happen.

Dressing and grooming: Staying healthy and active can be boosted by maintaining a positive appearance. We can help you shower, shave, style your hair and get dressed. This personal care makes the start to your day both positive and stress free.

Cleaning and maintenance: Maintaining your home can give you a real sense of pride in the place you love best. Our specialist team can help you keep on top of all your jobs around the home, everything from cleaning and tidying through to in-home repairs.

Meals and nutrition: We can provide a range of healthy and nutritional home-cooked meal preparation services to suit your lifestyle – from keeping your freezer or pantry stocked, to ensuring you buy the most nutritious and tasty products. We’ll even give you hand putting your favourite meals together.

Gardening: We know that your garden is often your pride and joy, but it can be a little overwhelming too. We’ll work alongside you to ensure it stays tidy and continues to grow and thrive!


Home away from home: We offer a range of flexible, day or short respite options to suit you and your loved one’s needs, either in-home or at one of our respite centres.

Our respite centres offer clients a ‘home away from home’ with plenty of activities designed to suit their interests, make friends and enjoy time with others – all with the peace of mind of quality personalised care.

Plenty of activities: Our social events and activities are a great way to stay healthy and boost your wellness. We’ll look after everything from transport to event organisation, meaning you get to enjoy life to the full.