Southern Plus Aged Care Services Advice Line

Have you recently received a letter from My Aged Care about home care services and not sure what to do?

With so much information available, it can be extremely overwhelming to find a home care service provider that suits your needs. Rest assured, if you need home care services, Southern Plus is here to help.


Our Aged Care Advice Line is a free, no obligation service. Our team can help you navigate My Aged Care and get you started with home care services in no time. Call one of our friendly advisors today, on 1300 000 161.


Southern Plus is an accredited service provider, offering a broad range of in-home health and wellness services including allied health, clinical care and traditional home care services like personal care, domestic care, transport and medication support.

Southern Plus Advice Line
Example letter from My Aged Care

I’ve received a letter from My Aged Care, what do I do now?

If you have received a letter from My Aged Care advising you that you have been assigned a home care package, then there are some things you need to do:


  • find an accredited service provider like Southern Plus that offer services you require, and
  • have a Home Care Agreement in place with your preferred service provider  by the date mentioned in your letter.


The letter will include your referral code, which is your key to receiving services. You give this code to your chosen provider. With the code they’re able to see your assessment information, support plan and package level.


You have 56 days from the date of your letter to enter into a Home Care Agreement with your chosen provider. If that doesn’t happen during this period, the package will expire. It will then be allocated to the next person in the national queue.


In order not to miss out on your Home Care Package, call Southern Plus on 1300 000 161 and we will get you up and running with services in no time.