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Jenny 55

Jenny has a busy lifestyle working, supporting her husband and children, and running the family home. Jenny often helps her elderly parents with shopping and getting to appointments whilst her husband helps them with gardening. Jenny’s brother lives in Albany and unfortunately can’t help with their parents. Jenny has been planning a holiday for a long time, she really needs a break and some time to recharge, but she is reluctant to let strangers in to her parents’ home as they are vulnerable and have specific needs.

Beatrice 70

Beatrice has become very lonely and isolated since her husband’s recent passing, she no longer has the desire to do the things she did before. During Winter the gutters overflowed, her husband used to clear them, and she can’t get up on the roof to do it herself. She could have asked her son-in-law but felt bad asking as he is very busy at work. Her daughter is also busy with her own two children and Beatrice is worried if she says anything she will be put in a nursing home.

Linda 79

Linda and her husband Joe have been married for 55 years. A few years ago, Joe was diagnosed with dementia, Linda has become his carer, but she is becoming quite overwhelmed. Their daughter Rose has mentioned that she should consider getting some help so she can have more time to herself to relax. Linda knows this would really benefit her and the family immensely, however she feels guilty that she needs a break from her husband and she isn’t used to asking for help.

Why Choose Southern Plus to provide you with Home Care in the south west of WA:

Southern Plus Home Care is more affordable than you think

Depending on your care needs, Government services such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and Home Care Packages (HCP) may be applicable to you. You can even choose to fund home care yourself with one of our Private Care Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home care is an important service which enables you, the person you care for or your loved one to remain independent and living at home. Home care services provide assistance with everyday tasks and activities, as well as health and wellness services.

The total amount of a Home Care Package is made up of:

  • the Australian Government contribution (the subsidy), and
  • your contribution (the fees you will be asked to pay).


Together, these funds cover your care services as well as the package management costs from your provider to organise and manage your package of care services.


Approximate yearly government contributions are as follows

  • Level 1 – $8,750
  • Level 2 – $15,250
  • Level 3 – $33,500
  • Level 4 – $50,750


Contact us for further information

You may be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, or one of the various Home Care Packages. It’s best to give us a call to find out what you are eligible for. We have an advice line available at 1300 000 161, or you can email us at

Our Home Care services are available in the Perth Metro area and across the South West; including Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Australind.

Yes, you can get in touch with us at any time via our advice line, on 1300 000 161, or you can email us at

It’s important to continue monitoring your home care needs and determining whether they’re being met. If your health is deteriorating and your life or wellbeing is endangered due to a lack of support services, then your needs have become more urgent.

Southern Plus can help you prioritise a reassessment with My Aged Care for further assistance.


We Tailor Our Home Care Services to Suit Your Needs

Our in-home care, health and wellness services can be perfectly tailored to your circumstances, so you can live your life in full in your own home:

Staying healthy and active can be boosted by maintaining a positive appearance. We can help you shower, shave, style your hair and get dressed. This personal care makes the start to your day both positive and stress free.

Maintaining your home can give you a real sense of pride in the place you love best. Our specialist team can help you keep on top of all your jobs around the home, everything from cleaning and tidying through to in-home repairs.

We can provide a range of healthy and nutritional home-cooked meal preparation services to suit your lifestyle – from keeping your freezer or pantry stocked, to ensuring you buy the most nutritious and tasty products. We’ll even give you hand putting your favourite meals together.

We know that your garden is often your pride and joy, but it can be a little overwhelming too. We’ll work alongside you to ensure it stays tidy and continues to grow and thrive!

Stay well and achieve your goals as our qualified physiotherapists work with you to restore, recover and rehabilitate if you have been affected by a new health issue or an ongoing chronic condition, including pain. Through exercise, massage, hands on therapy and education, your physiotherapist will help you achieve your health goals, help you
increase fitness and manage pain.

If you are concerned about your memory, or for the person you care for, it can be a confusing and difficult time. Our
specialist service team can support you with practical advice and tips as we are helping people living with dementia every
day. Whether it is early onset dementia or for those who are ageing and frail, we can help advise on how to obtain a
diagnosis, promote wellbeing, provide strategies to manage the changes and support and plan for your future.

Often having the right equipment at home is a key to completing day to day activities that matter most. Our occupational therapists can look at home modifications and lifestyle planning to ensure you can continue living at home.
Our home and lifestyle assessments and advice will help you to get back on track in no time.

We support nursing advice and services such as wound care, medication, chronic condition management such as diabetes, continence and ensure we help you with education to become as healthy as possible. This is particularly important following a stay in hospital, managing and adjusting medications and supporting your recovering following serious injury or managing a wound. Our nurses will visit you at home saving you time travelling to appointments.

We can provide support and advice for ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and heart and lung conditions. We also offer a coordinated service where we will work with you and your GP to develop a plan which supports you to gain the most from all our services and maximise your health. In end of life care planning, financial choices and decisions often need family discussion. We also help with facilitating family meetings and helping you book sessions with financial planners or pastoral care.

Incorrect medication is a major reason for hospital admissions. If you need a little help managing your medication but do not require a doctor or nurse, we can support you in the privacy of your own home.

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We service the south west, including Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury and Australind.

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