Think Well Live Well Event Series

Are you or your loved one concerned about dementia, cancer, bone or heart conditions impacting the way you live?


Living with a complex health condition can be challenging. A comprehensive body of academic research has uncovered the critical role that lifestyle plays in health and wellbeing. Through manageable lifestyle modifications, those living with complex health conditions may be able to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.


Southern Plus, in conjunction with Edith Cowan University, have designed a unique program, based on the latest academic research by experts at Edith Cowan University. The program combines theory and practice, through interactive sessions to provide you with a toolkit to live well.


To find out more information or to reserve your place for this event series, please call the Health & Wellness Centre on 6426 7443.


How do I book?

To find out more information or to reserve your place for this event series, please call the Health & Wellness Centre on 6424 7443 or register your interest by clicking the button below


What will I learn?

Join us for a series of interactive group sessions, emphasizing the power of diet and exercise in preventing and best living with dementia, cancer, heart and bone conditions.


The social group sessions will take you through the latest evidence on health and nutrition, as well as changes you can make to live well. Participate in guided exercise demonstrations and interactive cooking stations that show you how to prepare delicious healthy recipes. The session will finish with a group dining experience, where you will enjoy a delicious meal with like-minded individuals.


Throughout the series you will learn:


  • The common dietary and lifestyle risk factors associated with complex health conditions
  • The nutrient dense foods known to reduce these risks and help you live well
  • Tailored exercise demonstrations that improve cognition, heart health, metabolism and immunity
  • Recipes and cooking techniques to manage and prevent chronic disease

Session Times

All subjects in the series will run a morning session from 09:30-12:30 and an evening session from 14:00-17:00.


  • Dementia – Wednesday, 21 October
  • Bone Health – Wednesday, 28 October
  • Cancer – Wednesday, 4 November
  • Heart Health – Wednesday, 11 November

What will it cost?

Costing depends on your government home care support funding approval.


  • CHSP – no out of pocket expense upon referral
  • Home Care Packages – no out of pocket expense
  • No government funding – $120 per session, bundled cost of $420 for the complete Live Well Think Well series.

Supporting your health & wellness

Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed for seniors, led by a team of dedicated allied health professionals, the centre offers group fitness classes and one-on-one sessions to help clients to achieve their health goals.


Developed in partnership with Edith Cowan University’s School of Medical and Health Sciences, the variety of allied health services and programs at the Health & Wellness Centre specialise in falls prevention, chronic pain rehabilitation, dementia and diabetes management. Our core focus is supporting seniors to live a life in full through rehabilitation, restoration and quality of life.