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Stress – Do you know what it is doing?

  In today’s fast-paced world, where we might be juggling multiple demands, it’s easy to come under stress. In the right situation it can be positive, providing the motivation, drive and energy to perform at our peak. But if the body can’t switch off its response to stress, there can be negative consequences.   As we get older, coping with…


  If you were not already aware, R U OK Day was last Wednesday, the 14th of September. It is a national day of action that encourages Australians to stop little problems becoming bigger by simply asking “Are you ok?” Simple, right? At Southern Cross Care we understand that change can be overwhelming, no matter how little it may be.…

Staying connected as we get older

By Ian Simms, Head of Pastoral Care and Volunteer Services at Southern Cross Care WA   It’s a curious irony we live with, you know. The improved communications and the rapid transport are supposed to make us feel more connected to other parts of the world. Yet for all that, we can be some of the most isolated of people.…


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