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Exciting News for Southern Cross Care

  We have recently received some exciting news for our Victoria Park Nursing Home in Kalgoorlie… It has been announced that we are a finalist for the Prime Super Employee Excellence in Aged Care award, as part of the 2017 WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards. The WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards are designed to encourage, acknowledge and reward…

Sally’s Art Exhibition

Sally Bosenburg, a recovery partner in our community mental health team, held her first art exhibition on Saturday, 28 October. Sally has been drawing for years, and this year decided she would like to share her creations with others.  She uses Facebook as a platform to showcase her work. She posts photos and details of all of her art onto…

Matt Fuller’s 24 hour Cycle for Telethon

This year marked 50 years for Telethon’s aspiring fundraiser in Western Australia. Matt Fuller, retired professional rugby league player, directs his support for Telethon by participating in a 24-hour spin bike challenge. This gruelling challenge consists of Fuller cycling solo for 24 hours straight in order to raise money for Telethon. This year marked his ninth year participating in a…


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