Confused about
Aged Care?

The Australian Government, through its My Aged Care website, recently introduced a number of changes to home care packages. These changes give consumers greater choice, control and flexibility in the way they receive home care services, and how those services are delivered.


With so much information available, it can be extremely daunting for your patients to navigate the My Aged Care system and find a home care package that suits their needs. Rest assured, if your patients need home care services, Southern Plus is here to help.

Home care

What are Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages are available if a person over the age of 65 has been assessed as needing regular support to continue living at home.


There are four levels of Government-funded Home Care Packages to meet people’s varying needs for support with Level 1 packages supporting people with basic care needs through to Level 4, which supports people with high-level care needs. The same types of care and services are available under each home care package, however the number of hours you receive increases at each level of care.


The home care package funding you receive is based on your ACAT assessment, which will determine what level package you are eligible for. Your doctor can give you a referral to an Aged Care Assessment Team who will undertake your assessment.


Once your assessment is complete, the assessor will make a formal decision about your care needs, your eligibility to receive care and the level of care that best meets your needs. You will then receive a letter from My Aged Care, which will notify you of the level package you have qualified for and how you can then access home care services.


What are the different funding levels?

From 1 July 2018, Home and Community Care (HACC) services for older people aged 65 years and over, and 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Western Australia (WA), will be funded and managed by the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).


Government funded services are available in four levels. These are:


Level 1: basic care needs

Level 2: low-level care needs

Level 3: intermediate care needs

Level 4: high-level care needs.


Each level receives a different amount of government funding. The higher the level, the more funding the government pays on your behalf, allowing you to buy more services. If you are eligible for funding, a budget will be allocated for you to use on the support and services that are right for you


What is Privately-funded home care?

You can also choose to pay for your services privately (i.e. not Government-funded) if you are waiting for a Government-funded home care package. The benefits of this include:


 You do not need an ACAT assessment and you can start to receive services immediately.


 It is convenient and means they can choose which services you receive and how often to suit your needs.


If you choose this option, you can always move across to a Government-funded home care package at a later date once you have completed an ACAT assessment and you have been notified that a Government-funded home care package is available.


What home care services can I get?

Southern Plus offers a broad range of in-home health and wellness services to meet your individual needs – please click here to find out more about our services.


What costs are involved?

If you have a government-funded home care package, the government will pay for a certain number of hours of home care per week, with the number of hours varying depending on what level package you have been approved for. You may also be asked to make a small contribution to cost of your home care depending on your financial situation. As a not-for-profit aged care provider, we are committed to making our broad range of services affordable for everyone.

You can also choose to pay for your home care services privately, without any government funding. If you choose this option, you do not heed an ACAT assessment and you can start to receive service immediately. It also means you can choose which services you receive and how often to suit your needs. Often people who choose to pay for their services privately, will move across to a Government-funded package at a later date after they have completed an ACAT assessment.


Please contact our friendly team on 1300 000 161 for more information about home care fees.

Residential care

What is residential care?

Residential care is for older people who are no longer able to live in their own home and require a higher level of care.

Our state of the art residential aged care centre in East Fremantle provides exceptional care and hospitality with integrated health and wellness services to meet the individual needs of each resident.


What does residential aged care include?

At our residential aged care centre in East Fremantle we offer the following services:

 Nursing and personal care 24 hours a day

 Luxuriously appointed private rooms with ensuites

 24/7 concierge service

 Individually tailored dementia support

 Spacious indoor and outdoors areas

 Social activities

 Chef-prepared meals and choice of dining areas

 On-site medical centre

 Hydrotherapy pool



How can I get a place in residential care?

When entering aged care, the Centrelink assessment of your assets and income determines what you may need to pay towards the cost of the accommodation and services. You may be asked to pay a basic daily fee, a means tested fee and an amount for your accommodation.

The basic daily fee is to cover living expenses such as meals, power and laundry. The means tested care fee contributes to the cost of your care and you may also be asked to pay an accommodation contribution to either fully or partially cover the cost of your accommodation.

Paying for residential aged care can seem complex, but our Client Advisors are here to help you navigate the options available to you based on your situation.

We understand that when you are considering residential care it can be a stressful and emotional time so our friendly Client Advisors are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us at 1300 000 161  to get started.


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