Richmond Wing

Richmond was one of two distinct areas in the early development of Fremantle’s East ward and highly regarded for its attractive views over the Swan River.


Inspired by its heritage, the Richmond Wing is the largest residential block onsite providing six different types of accommodations. Every details of this wing has been carefully designed to give its residents world class luxury and care. Overlooking the Swan River, many rooms have expansive water views and balconies making this place a haven for seniors.

Access to manicured gardens

Personal tablet

On-site beauty salon

Variety of dining options

Access to Health & Wellness Centre

Weekly social events & activities

Standard Rooms

Centrally located, our Standard rooms are an ideal choice for those looking for close proximity to amenities and entertainment. The rooms are designed with a chic, contemporary décor with premium bed linen, towels, electronically adjustable beds with timber finish and built in wardrobes. Our Standard rooms offer a quintessential residence with balcony views and plenty of natural light.


Room Type RAD 100% DAP 100% 50% RAD / 50% DAP
F $450,000 $49.81 $225,000 upfront
/ $24.91 per day

Classic Rooms

Our Classic rooms offer a high-quality residence overlooking the courtyards. Designed with the utmost care and attention to details, each room is an example of contemporary living at it’s finest. The rooms are fitted with electronically adjustable beds, built in wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling windows. Some rooms have access to semi-private balconies that look north towards a pleasant streetscape vista.


Room Type RAD 100% DAP 100% 50% RAD / 50% DAP
E $550,000 $60.88 $275,000 upfront
/ $30.44 per day

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe rooms feature a generous layout uniquely configured to meet the needs of residents. This masterfully designed suite opens up to the unobstructed streetscape and expansive treetop vistas. Complete with electronically adjustable beds, built in wardrobes and lockable drawer space, these rooms are a perfect blend of lifestyle and tranquillity.


Room Type RAD 100% DAP 100% 50% RAD / 50% DAP
D $650,000 $71.95 $325,000 upfront
/ $35.96 per day

Premier Rooms

The Premier Rooms reveal inspiring and tranquil views of the garden, streetscape and tree top vistas. These elegantly designed rooms feature premium bedding with timber finishes, built in wardrobes and bedside cabinets. Situated in close proximity to amenities such as activities rooms, casual dining, lounge and library, the Premier Rooms are a complete blend of luxury and lifestyle.


Room Type RAD 100% DAP 100% 50% RAD / 50% DAP
C & B $750,000 $82.40 $375,000 upfront
/ $41.20 per day

Grand Deluxe Rooms

The Grand Deluxe rooms are uniquely configured to maximise ocean and courtyard views without compromising privacy. Featuring a large electronically adjustable bed and highest quality premium linen, the fit out of these luxury rooms has been designed with particular attention to meeting the requirements of its residents. The rooms are located around inner courtyards that create a wonderful sense of light and airiness.


Room Type RAD 100% DAP 100% 50% RAD / 50% DAP
A $895,000 $99.06 $447,500 upfront
/ $49.53 per day

Breakdown of available payment options: 


Lump sum payments 

  • Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD): When you pay the full amount yourself as a lump sum.


Rental-style daily payments

  • Daily accommodation payment (DAP): When you pay the full amount yourself as rental-style daily payments.


Combination of lump sum and rental-style payments

  • When you combine the two types of payments.