Premium residential respite

If you are a caregiver or caring for elderly parents and looking for short term respite care, Southern Plus East Fremantle offers aged care respite for the elderly.  A little like staying in a fully serviced hotel, this is called ‘residential short term respite care’, and can be on a planned or emergency basis.


Our Respite Care Program is designed to give your loved ones everything they need and allows you to relax, reduce stress, restore energy and keep life in balance.


Unlike traditional aged care respite, at Southern Plus East Fremantle, our respite residents have clinical care around the clock, the opportunity to participate in activities that take place in the home and enjoy freshly cooked meals. Respite residents live alongside current residents, which helps to foster connections and ensure that they feel part of our Southern Plus community.

Each of our 5-star hotel standard rooms has been designed with maximum comfort and safe access for our residents making their out of home respite care experience simply world class.


The overall site has numerous outdoor areas with functional courtyards and balconies to provide spaces for residents to relax and feel at home.  

Who would benefit from residential respite?

Clients recovering from surgery, illness or an injury requiring short term respite care before going home.


Caregivers going on a holiday or in need of a sudden break for work or other commitments.


As a way to trial residential aged care living and help loved ones transition to permanent residential care.

Residential Respite is usually, for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, short term respite care can offer families and caregivers the break they need to attend to everyday activities with peace of mind*.

With our full range of services and amenities you can enjoy your break knowing that your loved one is in a comfortable, caring and safe environment.


Our team will discuss your options and assist in planning the kind of respite service that is best suited for you.


*Respite stays can vary in duration. For more details contact our team.

What are the fees for residential respite care?

All respite residents are charged the basic daily care fee for each day for the length of the stay.


The basic daily care fee is determined by the Australian Government and is reviewed twice yearly.


There are no accommodation payments required during your residential respite stay.


Southern Plus East Fremantle offers luxury services and premium care. A luxury services respite fee applies.


Contact us for more details.

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What Respite Care Programs are available?

Funded respite care

Respite care is available through a number of programs funded by the Australian Government. At Southern Plus East Fremantle funded respite care is available.


The pathways to accessing respite care, and the types of care available, can vary as do the approval processes for each program. You will need to have an ACAT assessment to access a government-funded program. In the absence of this, a private rate can be provided.

Private respite care

Private respite suits people who are yet to have an ACAT, need access to emergency respite care or may want short term respite care.


If you have already accessed government-funded residential respite and used your allocation of 63 days, and other approved respite extensions, you could consider private respite care as another option.

Emergency respite care

Emergency respite aims to give you the support you need as soon as possible, however, you may still have to provide some information to make sure the right type of care can be provided.


It takes at least 24 hours (preferably 48 hours) to coordinate due to the required paperwork and supporting documents.

What to look for when considering aged care respite?

Choosing a respite service or residential respite care home for the elderly is very similar to choosing a care home for a permanent placement. Here are some key points that you might want to consider:

1. Clinical Care

As part of the respite service, have the clinical team discussed your loved ones care and medical requirements with you and do you feel assured by the care offered? Is the clinical care offered around the clock? Is there access to physiotherapy and exercise physiology?

2. Hospitality

Do you feel comfortable in the environment of the home, are there activities on offer and are the fresh food options provided day and night? Is hospitality offered around the clock?

3. Convenience

Is the home located in a place that is easy for drop-offs, pickups and visits?

4. Tour

Have you been on a tour of the home? This is a great way to determine if the home is right for you and to ask all the questions you need about the hospitality and clinical care services.

5. Visitors

Are visitors encouraged and can they stay too?

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