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Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, or simply want to live a healthier and more active life, our Health & Wellness Clinic offers group rehabilitation and fitness classes, and individual allied health services to anyone aged 50+.

The Southern Plus Health and Wellness Clinic is a unique and innovative onsite facility specifically designed for seniors, the first of its kind in Western Australia.

Co-located with the Southern Plus East Fremantle luxury residential aged care home, the Clinic provides residents and clients with an holistic range of health and wellness services and state of the art facilities to support rehabilitation, restoration and quality of life.

The clinic also provides residents and clients with access to medical and allied health specialists including geriatricians, GP’s and physiotherapists. 

Clients can also take advantage of the onsite hydrotherapy pool, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and exercise classes for building bones, and minimising falls, delivered through our strategic partnership with the Vario Health Clinic, developed with the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University. 

Vario Clinic Services

Specialist consultations are available from our highly trained and accredited allied health professionals. Consultations are offered on an individual service basis or as part of a tailored program.

Services include:
 Hip and knee rehab classes in gym and pool,
 exercise physiology assessment and plan, for small group classes,
 CDM – diabetes, cardiovascular & respiratory disease,
 weight management,
 cancer support,
 medical plans following referral from GP,
 Musculoskeletal – hip and knee rehab,
 Oesteo, pain management, 
 Neuro – stroke,
 Parkinson’s & dementia support programs
 Exercise physiology;
 Psychology; and

Diagnostics and assessments

The Southern Plus Health and Wellness Clinic has been fitted out by Vario with state of the art equipment for diagnostic and assessment purposes. The Clinic is equipped to perform a broad range of tests for the purpose of pre/post program assessment and research to provide clients with important feedback.

Testing capabilities include:

 DEXA bone density and body composition scans.
 Neurocom Balance Testing.
 Resting Metabolic Testing.

Exercise and fitness programs

The Health and Wellness Clinic offers a range of different sized group programs for clients who want to improve their health and well-being and help in the prevention of falls.

Our programs can be tailored to suit your fitness levels have a multidisciplinary approach to wellness with exercise, with psychology and nutrition being our core focus areas.

For information about the Clinic’s programs, download one of our program flyers below:

 Cardiac Rehabilitation Program,
 Cancer Council’s Life Now Exercise Program,
 Cancer Survivor Program,
 Diabetes Wellness Program,
 Osteoporosis Program,
 Weight loss for Wellness.

Our fitness group classes will help you maintain and improve in many areas. To find out more information and book an appointment, call 1300 000 161.

Hydrotherapy pool

Our heated hydrotherapy pool provides treatment for ongoing pain and rehabilitation. Our specialists are trained to provide services as per individual needs and requirements.

Why Hydrotherapy?

 Post-operative: Hydrotherapy is especially useful for early stage rehabilitation following joint surgeries such as hip/knee replacements, ligament reconstructions or post fracture. In the first 4-8 weeks after surgery (varies between procedures) people experience pain with putting their bodyweight through the affected area. Hydrotherapy allows us to get these patients walking normally earlier in their rehabilitation process by reducing these forces.

 Chronic Pain: People with chronic pain often have difficulty with exercising because even with low to mid impact exercise such as walking, their pain levels flare up. Hydrotherapy is a great way for these people to exercise at lower impact while still challenging the muscles and cardiovascular system.

 Arthritis: Arthritis falls in a similar basket to chronic pain – as patients load their joints up during full weight bearing exercise they may experience pain. Exercising in the water reduces this load and allows them to exercise pain free. The warmth of the water is also extremely beneficial for aching and stiffness associated with arthritis. Find out when our Hydrotherapy classes run by clicking here.

Medical Services

Our GPs and geriatricians offer accredited medical services. 

The practice is committed to providing the highest standard of medical care to patients in a confidential, friendly and caring environment.

The services are available to residents and Southern Cross Care/Southern Plus clients only.

Services provided:

 Diagnosis and treatment
 General practice
 Medical and health check-ups
 Information and advice
 Health and nutrition advice
 Prescription of medications
 Ordering of screening and medical tests
 Management of acute and chronic conditions
 Referrals to specialist health professions
 Referral for ACAT Assessment
 Information on home care, residential care and respite
 Access to visiting professionals such as a Geriatrician.


Private Services
Many of our customers choose to pay privately for services and attend as they would like to claim therapy services on their Private Health Insurance. In addition, our fitness and wellness group programs have very affordable costs and many people choose to attend these as a private customer even if they don’t have private health insurance.

DVA Services
Referrals to our service are valid for 1 year from the date of referral. We will work together liaising with your GP to provide you with the right compliment of therapy to meet your needs and goals. No fees will need to be paid with a valid referral.

Medicare Services
Your GP may have ability to refer you to our services on a Chronic Disease Management Plan.
This will allow you to have 5 funded visits in the therapy service of your choice. Therapy staff will work together with your GP, to achieve common goals relating to your health. No fees will need to be paid on the day with a valid referral.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)  
We can assist you to make a referral to My Aged Care to receive subsidized funding for services.
Please call 1300 000 161 prior to your health assessment if you would like to receive this subsidy. A referral is required prior to commencing services, this generally takes around 2-3 weeks depending on urgency.

If there are urgent health needs and services cannot be delayed, please specify this upon booking and in some circumstances we will liaise within the team to provide services prior to this referral being received if assessed as appropriate as per Department of Health regulations.

With a CHSP referral, My Aged Care contact centre will complete a screening over the phone and refer you to a Regional Assessment Service (RAS). A RAS assessor will contact you to coordinate a time to come to your home to complete a comprehensive assessment and refer you to the services you require. You can specify Southern Plus as the service provider of choice.


The Doctors are available <day> and <day> afternoons by appointment only.

Book an appointment by calling 1300 000 161 or use our online booking form.