Next-generation home care bundles

At Southern Plus, our range of in-home health and wellness services help you to remain independent and stay living in the place you love most – home. If you’re an older person who wants to continue living at home, but you need some support to do so, then a Home Care Bundle may be the perfect solution for you. 

A Home Care Bundle is a ‘bundle’ of personalised services that support you to live a healthy, safe and independent life in the comfort of your home, and to stay active and connected as you get older. Our flexible home care bundles can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Goverment-funded bundles


 Care Plus™

 Home is Where the Heart is

 Social Links

 Memory and Mind Support

 Carers Day Off

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Which Home Care Bundle Suits My Needs?

Free in-home assessments are available by our friendly care advisors to find out which Home Care Bundle is right for you.

Other home care services available:

Private care plans

  Recovery Plus Starter Program

  Health and Wellbeing

  Out & About Plan

  Home Care Advantage Plan

In-home services

  Your health

  Your wellness