About Southern Plus

Southern Plus was created in response to the need to offer our ageing population the next generation of aged care services. We aim to help clients with complex health care needs to achieve what they want to truly enjoy life as they age.


Whether our clients choose to remain independent and living in their own home, or choose the higher level of care that we offer at our innovative aged care centre in East Fremantle, we are able to provide them with the very best care and health and wellness services to meet their individual needs.


Southern Plus is part of the Southern Cross Care (WA) Inc. (SCC) Group, one of Western Australia’s leading not-for-profit aged care providers. For over 50 years, SCC has been committed to helping West Australian’s access a choice of quality aged care and mental health services in one of their retirement villages, residential aged care homes, community options homes or in their own home.


As a not-for-profit organisation, we are committed to sensibly spending government funding and re-investing surplus funds for the benefit of our clients and residents, through expanding the location and the types of services SCC can provide to West Australians.


SCC, along with related party Southern Cross Housing Ltd. and health and wellness brand Southern Plus, collectively demonstrate our purpose and vision of providing an integrated and holistic approach to meeting the health, wellness, care and accommodation needs of over 3000 older West Australians.


Our proven track record of innovation is demonstrated with the recent development, design and delivery of the next generation of aged care in East Fremantle which opened in July 2018.


This site was the former Kaleeya Hospital purchased from the State Government as part of an asset sale and has undergone an extensive premium refurbishment, including a new luxury health and wellness clinic with a medical practice, exercise clinic, hydrotherapy pool and a luxury residential aged care home.


With a significant development pipeline already in progress to build and deliver our Southern Plus Living integrated health and wellness hubs across the Perth metro area, we plan to deliver on our desire for innovative and sustainable design that supports the ageing unwell in our community, so they can live their lives in full with access to the services they need easily as and when they are needed.

A message from the Knights of the Southern Cross WA


The members of the Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross take a great deal of pride in the work that SCC undertakes in caring for those in our community who are in need of care and support.  For over 50 years, the members of the Order have helped work with SCC in Western Australia to build an organisation that helps enrich the lives of people when they are most in need of compassion and care.  That legacy is something the members of the Order and all those who have worked to build SCC into the organisation it is today can be justifiably proud of.


That legacy began with the vision of men like Norm Dallimore and Bernie Prindiville, who I am sure did not set out to create a legacy, they were simply responding to a perceived need in the community and saw an opportunity to respond.  I doubt that they could have envisioned what the then Southern Cross Homes was to become, but they had the passion and commitment to make a difference.


The SCC Board, the executive team and all the staff working for the organisation are responding to vastly different needs today, in comparison to 1966, however they are creating the vision and legacy for future generations to reflect upon. While the organisation must continue to navigate through the current period of significant change occurring in the aged care system, I am sure that the passion and commitment to those in the care of SCC remains the same as it always was.


On behalf of all members of the Order I would like to express our gratitude to all those involved in the operation of SCC, the volunteers, the carers in the residences and those coming everyday into client’s homes and those who keep the whole system going. Thank you for your passion and commitment to those in your care.


God bless


Nigel Hayward
State Chairman
Knights of the Southern Cross (WA) Inc