Waiting for home care doesn’t make sense


The national home care waitlist – how it works


The Government funds a limited number of Home Care Package (HCP) places in Western Australia.  The national waitlist has received a lot of criticism by the aged care sector, consumers and medical professions.  However, there are some options that you may not have considered or even realised are available to short cut your way to access government funding to help you stay living at home for longer.


Your place in the queue is determined by the date you were approved for care and how urgent your needs were when they were assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).


Recently, the government has made available to consumers the option to access CHSP funding.  The Commonwealth Home Support Programme, known by the industry as CHSP, is an entry-level government-funded program that offers a range of services including transport of help at home to help you continue to live at home independently.


If you have recently received your letter from My Aged Care approving your eligibility for a home care package, most likely you have also been approved for CHSP.  The services you may access from the CHSP will be outlined in your support plan which was determined during your assessment.


So now you don’t need to wait out the 12 months – 2 years to access government-funded home care.  Southern Plus has CHSP funding available for services such as domestic support, social support, transport and respite care.


The good news is your wait time for your HCP won’t be affected by accepting an early CHSP arrangement, and once you are started on services, Southern Plus will assign you an experienced wellness partner to oversee your care plan and spend time getting to know you.


This is one of the quickest ways to start receiving some help around the home and Southern Plus can get you started in services within 24 hours of receiving your signed agreement.


What about some help for my carer?


While you’re waiting for home care, it’s quite likely there’s someone like a family member, loved one or friend who is already giving you extra support as a carer.  Support for your carer is important to both of you – if they are well rested and on top of their day to day duties, they will be in a better position to ensure they are giving you the best love, care and support.


You can access respite care through CHSP.  Southern Plus offers respite services either in your home, or you can use day services or overnight services at our community respite centres in Forrestfield or Hilton.


My package assignment letter has arrived. What do I do next?


Once you have arrived at the top of the national waiting list queue you will receive a letter that assigns you a HCP. This letter will include your individual referral code which allows you to take up your package with the service provider of your choice.


The letter will give you a package take up deadline.  If you have CHSP services with Southern Plus, we can help you understand how to transition to your HCP. You need to be aware that if you haven’t entered into an agreement within your take-up deadline, your package will be withdrawn. However, you can request for an extension through My Aged Care.


A good home care provider can guide you through the whole process and offer good advice to avoid some of the pitfalls of the home care process. It’s also good to get as much family support as possible during this process.


Want to find out more about skipping the home care queue, call and speak to one of our advisors at 1300 000 161.

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