Improving strength and balance


Balance is important for maintaining postural stability and thus for the avoidance of falls. Balance exercises should include multi-tasks situations which require the body to perform many activities of daily living; such as walking downstairs while having a conversation or stepping over an obstacle while carrying shopping bags.


Besides balance, muscle strength/power is also important for activities of daily living. As the body matures, there is a general age-related skeletal muscle loss (e.g sarcopenia). Muscle power is important for quick reactions in response to external stimuli. A decline in muscle power would delay the reaction time and can be detrimental, leading to a loss of balance and ultimately resulting in a fall.


Falls ARE preventable.

Here are some easy to follow tips from Stay On Your Feet to prevent slips, trips and falls to support so you can continue to enjoy the fun things in life:

  1.  Move your body: Build your balance and strengthen your legs.
  2.  Improve your health: Check your medicines, keep a healthy mind and fuel your body.
  3.  Remove hazards: Make your home safer, check your eyesight, wear safe footwear.


Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre is a unique and innovative facility specifically designed for seniors.


The team at the Health and Wellness Centre is here to help you remain healthy, fit and independent. We offer a range of health and wellness services such as Aqua Fitness, Living Longer Living Stronger and Exercise Physiology in our state of the art facilities to support rehabilitation, restoration, and quality of life to build stronger bones and minimising falls.


The services are delivered through our strategic partnership with the ECU Vario Exercise Clinic, developed with the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University and Kaleeya Health as well as accredited fitness professionals.

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