Benefits of exercise physiology

Exercise physiology is medical science that uses exercise to treat health conditions. It is proven that exercising and starting to move more can help improve any health condition with benefits including lifting your mood, improving memory, regulating blood sugar, enhancing circulation, helping prevent falls, strengthening your heart health, lungs and protects your joints and bones and can even increase your life span.

Exercise physiologists (EPs) analyse a patient’s fitness to help them improve or maintain their health and can help patients with heart disease and other chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis and lung disease to regain their health.

Here are some benefits of exercise physiology:


While working with an EP you will get to know and understand your body parts and how to maximise them. EPs teach you the skills to move efficiently and effectively. They are not personal trainers who are working for you towards getting you to your goal instead YOU will be the leader and the EP provides you direction and support to achieve your personal fitness goals.


Exercise physiologists are trained health professionals who have a four year Bachelor of Applied Science degree and undergo a number of internships which provide a wealth of practical experience.


Exercise physiology strategies are research-based and only proven scientific reasoning is used to develop plans for clients. Unlike other training, exercise physiology puts YOU in control of the body and based on your needs and requirements, EPs help put together your fitness plans.

Exercise as medication

Exercise is recommended as medicine in the treatment of 26 different types of diseases such as psychiatric, neurological, metabolic, cardiovascular diseases etc. EPs are trained to develop exercises based on every client’s needs and requirements. It’s similar to what your GP would prescribe however EPs prescribe exercise as medicine with little or no side effects. So why not try exercise as a treatment before your medical condition requires medication?

If you have not explored the option of being treated by an exercise physiologist, maybe today is the day to make the decision to change your life for good. Our team of exercise physiologists at our Southern Plus East Fremantle Health and Wellness Centre work with you by getting to know you and your medical history, they will assess your fitness levels and based on your needs and goals will develop exercise programs that are just for you.

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