Successful recovery after a hospital stay

The first few weeks of rehabilitation after being discharged from hospital are imperative to a patient’s recovery; this is especially true with seniors, who often need care and support to avoid complications that can lead to re-admission.

For some people, this will mean intensive physical rehabilitation. For others, it might mean initially resting with support around the home for a few weeks. Whatever your recovery needs, it is important to follow the advice of your doctor so you can get back to healthy and well as soon as possible.

Your rate of improvement following a hospital discharge will depend on the type of surgery you have, what support you have at home and your overall health and fitness. Recovery can be a challenge for seniors because they may require medicines and prescriptions, have dietary restrictions, have difficulty with bathing, cooking and general household tasks as well as a need for wound management, transport to follow up appointments or home equipment.

If you or your loved one are about to be discharged from the hospital and you feel you may need extra help with your recovery, Southern Plus can offer assistance through our Recovery Plus Program.

Our Recovery Plus Program is a 6-week program offering tailored services to assist with a successful rehabilitation following your hospital stay. You don’t need an aged care assessment or have to wait for government funding and you can be up and running with our assistance within 24 hours.

We can provide an accompanied trip home from the hospital; we will help settle you in with prescriptions and bed linen change, as well as helping you to access rehabilitation services like physio and podiatry. Whatever your needs, we will be there when you need us most.

With the Recovery Plus Program, you will also receive a complimentary Recovery Plus overnight bag and toiletries, to make your stay at hospital more comfortable.

Our Recovery Plus Program allows seniors to continue their recovery out of hospital to get back to being healthy and well. For more information contact our 24/7 Advice Line on 1300 00 161 or click here.

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