Shibin Chacko – in giving, he receives


As young boy growing up in India and later working as a civil engineer in Kuwait, Shibin Chacko never thought he would be assisting Australians in their own country, yet that is precisely what he is doing as a volunteer pastoral carer with SCC.

Arriving in Australia in 2011, Shibin and his wife settled in Sydney near to his sister and brother-in-law, however, better work opportunities saw Shibin and his wife move to Perth shortly after. Both of them have a heart for serving so Shibin began to search for ways to offer his spare time, when he saw an advertisement for volunteering with SCC.


It was around that time that Shibin felt he should reduce his work hours to be able to volunteer more in the community, and so began his association with SCC, first volunteering at Jeremiah Donovan House, and then at Villa Pelletier.

Shibin is a quiet, unassuming sort of bloke who can be found helping residents to focus on the many positive things that are still left in life. He has listened to all, prayed with some, shared stories and pictures with others. He is part of a team of kind-hearted people who volunteer their time to let others realise that it’s rather good to be alive, after all.


Volunteer Pastoral Carers work closely with the site-based Pastoral Carers to provide residents with emotional and spiritual support. Volunteer Pastoral Carers undergo training on the job, as well as through supervision. Together with the rest of the pastoral care team, they do a magnificent job listening and conversing with the range of people we have the joy of caring for in our facilities.


Like many of SCC’s volunteers, Shibin said he too benefitted from being a volunteer. “I enjoy the people I meet in my role and there are so many different people and different situations. I try to make my time with people a moment of joy and Christian compassion.”


“I have grown so much while I have been trying to care for others. It’s one of the things I would say to people who are thinking about volunteering: you set out to give, and then you are pleasantly surprised to discover you have been built up too,” Shibin said.


If you would like to be a part of our diverse band of volunteers, please contact Ian Simms, or Chelsea Farquhar who will be happy to explore with you how you would like to serve. They can be reached at, or on 9269 6855 (Chelsea) 0419 095 041 (Ian).

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