New state of the art health and wellness centre for seniors a first for WA

Helping seniors to remain healthy, fit and independent is at the heart of the unique services offered at the innovative Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre, launched on Monday in East Fremantle.


Officially opened by the Hon Steve Irons MP, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Australian Olympic Swimmer, Shane Gould, the Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre is the first of its kind in Western Australia.  It is co-located with the recently opened Southern Plus East Fremantle residential aged care home.


Recognising that aged care does not have to be the end of the line after a loved one suffers an illness or fall; the vision of Southern Plus is to help seniors to get better or stabilize their condition so they can return to independent living.  Driven by the strong preference of older people to stay living at home, the focus is on seniors in their third age, keeping them fit and healthy with the right professional and medical support.


The health and wellness services on offer have been developed with our partners Edith Cowan University’s Vario Exercise Clinic and Kaleeya Health to support seniors achieve a better way to age. The innovative integrated care site will improve the quality of collaboration between health professionals and aged care services. Using technology to capture health information, it creates a truly interdisciplinary health care team for seniors, all on one site.


Contemporary facilities include a purpose designed exercise clinic with modern gym equipment, outdoor exercise area and hydrotherapy pool. Services include GP’s with experience in treating seniors’ health issues and exercise programs designed by exercise physiologists and allied health professionals. All exercise programs are designed to support rehabilitation of seniors’ illnesses, injuries or joint replacement surgery following a stay in hospital. Southern Plus clients and seniors in local area will benefit from the services.


Southern Cross Care (WA) CEO, Mr Errol Turner said the Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre would set a new standard in health care dedicated to seniors.


“Too often as a nation, we see seniors spending unnecessarily long periods in hospital or prematurely entering into residential care. Often there are not the health and wellness services available following surgery, illness or serious injury that caters specifically for seniors to rebuild strength and minimise falls. We believe entry into residential aged care should be an end-of-life care service, supporting those in their final few months of life.


“With our partners ECU Vario Exercise Clinic and Kaleeya Health, the Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre responds to this need in the community, providing state of the art facilities and highly trained and experienced allied health and medical professionals. Our teams are committed to helping seniors remain independent for as long as possible, so they may stay out of residential care and achieve the best possible quality of life,” Mr Turner said.


Professor Rob Newton, Associate Dean, Medical and Exercise Sciences, Edith Cowan University is excited about the partnership that will help more seniors access health and wellness services.


“Research shows that exercise as a therapy in conjunction with medical programs advised by GPs and medical specialists helps improve rehabilitation and overall health and wellness of individuals. Coupled with the therapeutic benefits of improved social contact, the outcomes for seniors is a much better quality of life,” Professor Newton said.


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