Notre Dame University researcher uncovers the history of our East Fremantle site


We recently invited Notre Dame University to research the origins of the site on which the Southern Plus East Fremantle Aged Care Centre is located. Following their research findings, we were very interested to learn that in addition to the site having a long and rich history of providing health and medical services for 40 years as the Kaleeya Hospital it was also home to one of East Fremantle’s more prominent local residents.


S.S. Minderoo
The S.S. Minderoo, which was captained by Andrew Mills on many voyages on the Singapore Trade Route


Formerly part of a larger landholding, the area where the centre is located was originally called ‘Richmond Heights’ asshown in a 1913 locality sale plan (pictured). From 1906 to 1939, the actual site on which the centre is located was home to Captain Andrew Mills, a highly esteemed sea-master who worked the Singapore trade route for the West Australian Steamship Company. Captain Mills captained the ships Australind, Minilya, Minderoo and Gascoyne on numerous voyages on the North-West-Singapore route, spanning a career of almost 40 years.


Sale plan for the subdivision of 'Richmond Heights' in 1913
Sale plan for the subdivision of ‘Richmond Heights’ in 1913


After the Mills family sold the home in 1939, the property had various owners until it was purchased by the Public Works Department (later known as the Building Management Authority) in 1973 as the site for the Kaleeya Hospital, which opened in 1976. For 40 years, the Kaleeya Hospital provided a range of services to the local community, until it closed in 2014.


Windsor vineyard, established in 1856 in Walter Easton's 'Windsor Estate'
Windsor vineyard, established in 1856 in Walter Easton’s ‘Windsor Estate’


Southern Plus would like to acknowledge and thank Riley Buchanan from Notre Dame University for her assistance with this research.

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