Merry Christmas from Southern Plus

Everyone has a Christmas tradition or two, and very often the festive moments we treasure most include sharing something delicious to eat while we spend time with our loved ones. A member from the Southern Cross Care family has kindly shared a recipe that is particularly important to her. We hope you consider making this easy recipe, and that you have a very Merry Christmas.

Tullia Gusmeroli, Southern Plus Wellness Partner

Tullia is looking forward to Christmas. Coming from an Italian family, and having a son and daughter, Tullia loves preparing the family’s favourite Christmas sweets – naturally biscotti, and another traditional Italian biscuit (Mostaccioli, which she is holding in the photograph), along with her Scottish mother-in-law’s trifle.

Not only is Christmas a relaxing and special time of year for Tullia and her family; she frequently thinks about her clients during all of the festivities.

“I love being a Wellness Partner and I love my clients”, said Tullia.

“I’ve worked at Southern Cross Care for about 12 years and I really feel that our clients are so special. It can take some time to build a comfortable relationship and for them to trust you, and when you reach this point it is so rewarding. The interaction we have with clients is different from other service providers, because we become a part of their lives. This includes keeping in touch with them during this time of year, because really, I worry about them all of the time, and I like to make sure they are in good health and that they will be celebrating.”

Tullia is looking forward to a couple of weeks down south with her husband, children and the family dog.

Here she shares her recipe for trifle – enjoy!

  • Jam swiss roll
  • Coconut
  • Marsala
  • Custard
  • Jelly
  • Cream for whipping
  • Tinned or fresh peaches or fresh berries
  1. Make and set the jelly, whatever flavour you like.
  2. Slice jam swiss roll and lay on the bottom of a serving dish – I like to use a pretty glass fluted bowl, so you see all the pretty colours.
  3. Pour some Marsala generously over cut jam slices, and then add a sprinkle of coconut. In layers, add custard, then sprinkle some more coconut and spoon some jelly on. Keep layering until you fill top of the dish.
  4. Put the dish in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the trifle can set.
  5. Just before serving, drain some tinned peaches and arrange in a pattern on the top of the trifle. If you prefer, you could use berries instead of peaches. Whip some fresh cream and serve with the trifle.

May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this beautiful time.

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