Sally’s Art Exhibition

Sally Bosenburg, a recovery partner in our community mental health team, held her first art exhibition on Saturday, 28 October.

Sally has been drawing for years, and this year decided she would like to share her creations with others.  She uses Facebook as a platform to showcase her work. She posts photos and details of all of her art onto her “Sally’z Art” Facebook page. This allows friends and potential customers to view her pieces and purchase them.

Sally also uses her art to support clients in their recovery journey. Specialising in mental health support, she believes that line work art is a positive activity for aged care clients to participate in.

Sally believes that art is not only beautiful, but beneficial to our mental health.

“When you are able to unlock your mind, art just flows out and keeps your mind healthy. It gives your mind a mental health work out. That’s why I love art. That’s why I try and encourage my clients to get involved. It all starts with a line of a pen or pencil, or a dab of paint.”

Our Southern Cross Care vision is to support our clients – and staff – to live enriched and happy lives for both our customers. Sally is following this vision in a very personal way and bringing her love of art into the SCC community.

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