Matt Fuller’s 24 hour Cycle for Telethon

This year marked 50 years for Telethon’s aspiring fundraiser in Western Australia. Matt Fuller, retired professional rugby league player, directs his support for Telethon by participating in a 24-hour spin bike challenge. This gruelling challenge consists of Fuller cycling solo for 24 hours straight in order to raise money for Telethon. This year marked his ninth year participating in a 24 hour challenge.

Southern Cross Care admires the hard work and resilience Fuller shows to the cause and his passion to help the families at Telethon. We are proud to support Fuller and donated $1000 to Telethon during his cycle.

Chief Executive Officer, Errol Turner, congratulated Matt at his gym, Fuller Fitness, this Wednesday. “Matt’s energy and ability to motivate others is a great inspiration. Focusing on hard work and resilience, he raised $150,000 and is a great ambassador to the community when it comes to health and fitness for people of all ages.”

We look forward to continue our support next year by having our own Southern Cross Care bike active in the 24-hour challenge.

Donations to Telethon help raise money to make significant advances in treating some of the life-threatening diseases that face our children today. It is an amazing cause, and if you have not yet got involved, it’s not too late. You can go to to make a donation. No matter how big or small, every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated by the foundation.

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