Staying strong on your feet

Did you know that in Australia each year, nearly one quarter of people over 60 will experience a fall, with some resulting in serious injury?

I’d like to share with you some tips to keep you strong and on your feet as  I have many clients who come to me after having experienced a serious fall. I see first hand the challenges they face in regaining their full mobility and returning to independent living. But it is important to remember – Falls are preventable and accidents don’t just happen and with exercises such as these you will be better protected against a fall in a future.

Exercises to help prevent a fall

  1. Move Your Body – Moving your body will improve your balance and posture, strengthen your muscles and bones, and improve your overall fitness and general well being.
  • Build your balance – Include exercise
  • Strengthen your body – Include exercise
  1. Improve Your Health – Looking after your health and well being is essential at all ages to help keep you independent and reduce illness. Be aware of your body and mind. If you notice any changes such as feeling dizzy, pain, drowsy or depressed, please see your GP.
  • Check your medicines
  • Keep a healthy mind
  • Fuel your body

How can physiotherapy help?

If you have had a fall in the past, or you think you might be at risk of a fall, a session with a physiotherapist might be able to help.

Our team of physiotherapists:

  • are trained to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based falls prevention service, including assessment and intervention – in order to help you prevent and manage falls.
  • are committed to empowering individuals and promoting self-management to actively manage their own falls risks.
  • Will develop a treatment plan that will keep you on your feet, so that you can continue to live a life as actively and independently as possible.

If you would like more information on our physiotherapy services please contact 1300 000 161