Shoes that fit the bill

Following on from our ‘Staying strong on your feet’ article in the last edition of Southern Star, in this edition, our Occupational Therapist Kate O’Brien has some helpful tips about selecting the right footwear to keep you steady on your feet and avoid a fall.

“I’m often asked by residents and clients about what the best shoes to wear are if you’re concerned about having a fall or if you’re not as strong on your feet as you once were.

“Wearing the right shoes can make all the difference in keeping your feet healthy and preventing having falls too. I also encourage you to speak to a podiatrist if you’d like more information about appropriate footwear or if you have any concerns with the health of your feet.”, Kate said.

What to look for when selecting footwear:

  • A high supportive ‘collar’ at the back on the ankle
  • A fastening which is firm and adjustable for support and comfort
  • A low square heel on the sole of the shoe for stability
  • A flexible fore-foot to promote a natural walking rhythm
  • A well-fitting shoe that is not too tight of loose at the toes
  • A non-slip tread on the sole of the shoe for varied surfaces
  • A flexible mid-sole to promote a natural walking rhythm

To find these shoes you can go to:

Paul Carroll – 

Stride Shoes – 

Air Flex – 

Gadean Footwear –

Bodkins Bootery

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